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How to assess a company’s culture

Whether you work for a small or large company, organizational culture can have a big impact on overall job satisfaction and your long-term career.

Assessing corporate culture can create opportunities and help you better understand the working dynamics of your company’s workplace.

Why is a company’s culture important?

Working at a company whose organizational culture fits your work style can encourage creativity and productivity, so you can do everything you can to grow in your career.

Therefore, when considering new employment opportunities, consider the culture of the new employer, if applicable. It’s up to you, giving equal attention to the role of the job and the salary scale.

How to assess a company’s culture?

When receiving a new proposal, it can be difficult to understand how the company’s culture works, so we have some tips to help you:

• Basic job satisfaction

How satisfied are existing employees? Does the company cultivate loyalty and respect? Or is there a large fluctuation of an unsatisfied workforce? Check the ratings on job boards and career networks to see what current and former employees are saying.

• Balance between professional and personal life

Note how management encourages employees to balance work and life: do supervisors respect normal working hours or do they often want you to work overtime? Is there flexibility during working hours or telecommuting? Can I choose part-time or shared work?

• Collaboration and productivity

In a good organizational culture, team members value collaboration and understand how to work together. Communication from the top down and between team members is clear, transparent and honest.

• Leadership by example

A company needs to be unified through a set of shared values, beliefs and goals that support productivity and innovation, and it has management that lives on these values. Look for signs that leadership is aligned with your business ideals.

Pay attention to the hiring process

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It’s not always easy to find a position that showcases your best qualities and motivates you to do your best work. The job interview process itself can provide a lot of information about the company.

When accepting an interview for a position, make sure you are prepared to answer questions about the company’s culture and the details of the new position.

Ask former employees what they like about the organization. This can help you determine if employees support each other and have the opportunity to grow – If you don’t have the opportunity to discuss with your future colleagues during the interview, it also explains the company’s culture.

If you are looking for opportunities, online job search sites are a good choice and provide valuable tips to help you through the selection process.

If you find a position in a position that interests you, feel free to learn about the company’s culture, it will make your process easier.

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