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Resume that guarantees your job vacancy

The curriculum vitae is not a simple sheet that provides information about your experiences, but much more. Your job is to gain the employer’s attention so that he can hire you.

With the advancement of technology, many tools have been developed to facilitate the recruitment of skilled workers. These tools aim to eliminate people who do not fit the suggested position so that their resume is not read.

However, at this point it is very important that your resume is already prepared to guarantee a job offer. This is the bridge that takes you to the company.

Since a resume is so important to getting started with what you love, here are some tips that will help make this resource more attractive to an employer.

Tips for putting together a resume

Many people wonder how they can have a job opportunity if most of them require experience, and to get experience you need a job.

The answer is simple: create a great resume!

Only then will you stand out even if you are a beginner and looking for your first job.

The recruiter looks at everything on the resume to decide if a candidate has the capacity to fill the open position.

1. Show knowledge

In your resume, be sure to include your previous activities that you’ve done or completed, while continuing to build on the knowledge you’ve gained through them.

List all courses, books, and events you have taken, read, or attended that are career-related.

2. Skills

Show your experiences and skills you have developed throughout your studies

Employers value two things about entry-level job applicants: proficiency in teamwork and leadership skills. Both are high-level proficiencies that contribute to an employee’s long-term success, so it’s important for young job seekers to bring these qualities to bear in their applications.

· Leader

A good leader also knows when to be coached and give up control of his team’s leadership.

And he’s also a listener, as his team members often have ideas that can help them develop better strategies for getting their work done.

· Team work

Currently, many companies are looking for people who know how to plan and execute team activities.

They also need to be able to do their job without overburdening or preventing other professionals from expressing themselves and developing their skills.

Companies are looking for people who can work together, as group activities tend to produce better results. and that members performed their functions collaboratively.

3. Personal Data

Resume that guarantees your job vacancy

Resume that guarantees your job vacancy

The RG and CPF numbers do not necessarily have to be part of your CV, just fill in the most important data and don’t forget to leave an active mobile or mobile number and email for contact.

Make your resume as professional as possible, create an address with your name, this will give more confidence to the employer without leaving a bad impression.

4. Training

Describe your background and include the program, discipline and institution you graduated from (data should be entered from recent to previous results).

These four strategies will help you with many things you need to know about yourself and your work experience. It can also increase your chances of getting a job.

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