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Want to do well in a job interview?

Without a doubt, the job interview is still considered one of the most important part of a selection process.

Taking into account that even if your resume is impeccable, it is in the interview that the recruiter realizes whether or not you are able to take on the new role.

This process is fraught with fear, but what all candidates want is to do well in a job interview. The first step in this is to become familiar with the company and its values, dress appropriately, and practice your responses in advance.

But rest assured, we will help you! We help you with a guide on how to behave during the job interview. Remember that your time is as valuable as someone with more experience – so act accordingly!

Job interview: know what to do and how to behave!

The interview may seem intimidating, but there are ways to make it less stressful! First, you need to stay calm. Take a deep breath and remember that this is not the end of the world. Now let’s go to the best tips:

1.    Get to know the company:

Find out more about the company before leaving home for an interview. You must know their history, where they are going and what their market is. You don’t need to memorize anything, but it’s important to have some data at your fingertips to be more informed!

2.    Think about your trajectory:

Think of the completed projects you’re very proud of and put one or two at the top. This can contribute to your resume and provide a good way for people to learn more about your skills. Think about your participation and how you helped these different projects succeed. By doing this, you will perform well in your next interview.

3.    Varied experiences:

There are many ways to showcase your experiences, even if it’s your first job, whether it’s when you were in school or when you were on an internship. This information helps give others confidence that you are well prepared for your new role.

Learn how to use the “star method” to present your ideas!

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Want to do well in a job interview?

It can really help to use the star method to do well in a job interview. This will make the process smoother and, more importantly, it will also give you a good look at your potential career path.

You will talk about the four points of your experience in this order: Situation – Task – Action – Result. This is a small tip that can help you be more organized when presenting yourself professionally.

4.    End your lines in a positive way:

Avoid ending your reasoning with negative speech, such as talking about the reason for your previous dismissal. Focus on talking about your accomplishments instead.

5.    Don’t be silent after a question:

Don’t be speechless when hearing a question during an interview. Think about what you have to say and prepare in advance. There is no “right” answer to a job interview question. However, always be honest and cautious during your time with the interviewer.

6.    Extra tip!

Our extra tip is regarding your posture. We recommend sitting down properly. Do not cross your arms. Don’t bite your nails. Don’t mess with your hair. And don’t have any repetitive reactions either.

This can show nervousness and give you some bad points with the recruiter. Whether you’re interviewing for your first or fiftieth job, the interview process is stressful and can become very stressful if you don’t try to relax.

Pay attention to our tips for the process to run smoothly. We wish you good luck!

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