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How to act in an interview? Check Out

To stand out from the crowd, it’s important to prepare a little before a job interview.

The purpose of this post is to provide information on how to act in an interview, as well as the importance of preparing for the meeting.

How to act in the interview

The date

Be patient and wait for the interviewer. Don’t jump in and start talking to them when you assume they’re going to enter. If someone talks to you, just get up then.

Sit down

You must let the interviewer pass you and go to the interview location, unless they open the door for you and indicate that they would like you to pass.

They usually show you a place where you can sit. If you can choose a place where it is comfortable for you to see your interviewer; this will make the interaction more natural.


Try to avoid any tense body language during the interview. Your posture should be relaxed so that you can stay involved with the person you’re talking to.

You will feel more and more comfortable as the conversation continues and your body language conveys this.

Let yourself fall back a little, change your position from time to time, make gestures, lean forward…. Don’t sit still without moving, but don’t overdo it either!

Eye contact

Do not focus your attention (stare) on the interviewer for too long. It can feel very awkward and uncomfortable.

Constantly looking away does not give satisfactory results either, for the reason it can be a demonstration of uncertainty, that you have something to omit or even that you are lying.

He used to smile!

As one of the first things an interviewer will see you, be sure to show your positive side. For example, if the interviewee smiles at you, reciprocate and make a positive impression.

He hasn’t said anything to him yet, and he’s already shown that it’s a pleasure to meet him and that he’s excited.

Say goodbye

How to act in an interview?

How to act in an interview?

Say goodbye casually, without being overly anxious.

Don’t tell the potential employer that you are waiting to be contacted. Instead, mention that you expect them to contact you.

Now that you know how to act in an interview, get an opportunity and rock!

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