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How is a resume structured? Learn it!

The structure of a perfect resume is one that manages to streamline and, at the same time, have the necessary information to draw the attention of recruiters and stand out from other candidates.

In the following text you will find enough tips to secure a job offer.

How should a resume structure be:


First of all, we need to warn you that a perfect resume structure contains a maximum of 2 pages, it’s true, a resume of three pages or more is only considered by professionals with a long professional trajectory – and even then it should be very well analyzed.

It should be done in a clean A4 sheet, a solid font and concise references, after all, recruiters these days don’t have a lot of time to find out what your resume has to say!

Private data:

Enter pertinent information such as your full name, address for the recruiter to know if you live close to the job or not, your means of contact (email and phone numbers), date of birth and, in some cases, your professional profile on LinkedIn.

Attention: Identification document numbers must not be entered, for your safety!


Don’t target the position you’re interested in. It is more pertinent to mention the area you identify with. For example: Instead of putting on your resume that you aim to be a finance manager (position), state that your goal is to work in finance or finance.


This is the time to put all your academic background, from school to graduation and specializations. Along with that, it must contain the name of the course and the educational institution.

Capabilities Summary:

In this field, you can also enter other courses you have taken such as languages ​​for example. Also reveal your level of proficiency. But please don’t lie to this part of your resume, as you can do very poorly at the time of the interview.

Other qualities can also be included here, such as: efficiency, leadership, entrepreneurship, proactivity and others…

Professional activities:

In this field will be the companies you have worked for, preferably the last 3 with full name, place of start and end date. This field also highlights its activities for the company, that is, which projects it collaborated with and what results it promoted.

Improvement activities:

Cv dos funcionários, currículo dos candidatos. trabalhadores corporativos, estudantes id isolam elemento de design plano. formulários de emprego, avatares, ilustração do conceito de informação pessoal Vetor grátis

Here you can list all the specialization courses you have taken, international experiences relevant to the position or area you are aiming for, as well as volunteer services.

When writing your resume or cover letter, it’s helpful to have an appointments section that contains professionals willing to provide details about their work. Ask former supervisors to talk about you for your resume

Before that, ask if he wants his name and contact information shared publicly.

Finally, now that you know what the structure of a perfect resume looks like, do yours and apply for as many openings as possible.

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