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Supermarket chain Walmart announces its new summer vacancies

Supermarket chain Walmart announces its new summer vacancies

In February, some of the largest U.S. supermarket chains are gearing up for a major sales expansion due to the summer sales season. The Walmart chain is looking for employees for supermarkets, learn more below.

The well-known Walmart supermarket chain maintained its growth during the most complex moments of the coronavirus crisis and is now seeking to expand its established workforce with new jobs in more than 4700 establishments.

If you already have previous work experience at a supermarket in your region, it will make a difference in your resume. A large supermarket chain like Walmart requires hundreds of workers every day at its branches, so you can expect a dynamic and vibrant work environment.

The contracts offered by the U.S. supermarket chain have permanent contracts, with salaries ranging from $23 to $25 an hour, which is one of the highest average salaries in the supermarket industry.

These are also great opportunities for applicants who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Even in the scenario of economic crisis caused by coronavirus, the restaurant sector has remained firm in providing essential services. It is therefore a source of work where you can get a stable job.


Requirements for working in Walmart stores

As mentioned above, previous experience in a similar position is very well considered for your resume, however, it is not an exclusion criterion. In general, to work with a personal position of supermarket in the Walmart network, the candidate must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Education: Compulsory secondary education
  • Have the flexibility to work in the morning or afternoon shifts
  • Previous experience and motivation of the candidate will be valuable*
  • Customer guidance and teamwork skills

*In addition, depending on the position you want to fill at Walmart, other more specific requirements may apply, especially in the case of management positions. The position of communication consultant is an example of work that requires specific training.

Advantages of working in the Walmart network

If you’re wondering what kind of benefits the supermarket chain offers its employees, here’s the answer. According to the company’s official website, walmart’s team is dynamic and is always looking for improvements in the service provided. This is what Walmart offers its more than 1.6 million employees:

  • Dynamic, optimistic and motivating work environment: Walmart won for the third consecutive year the certification of TOP Employer, one of the best companies to work for in the United States.
  • Theoretical and practical training necessary to perform its functions in the most practical way possible.
  • 5 working days in hours and hours, plus the guarantee of 6 free fines per year.
  • Record of each hour that the worker performs in the company and its corresponding remuneration.

To apply for one of the vacancies available in the supermarket chain, you need to log in to Walmart’s official job portal on your website and then search for the desired location or location in the search bar. Currently, Walmart has about 600 jobs available nationwide, so don’t waste your time and secure your job now!